Wall hung toilet installation instructions

I'm installing a floor mount, rear outlet toilet (Gerber Pressure-Assist 21-310). The installation instructions are specific but make no mention of how the flange should be attached to the wall. This is a residential application with drywall in and cement board lap siding on the exterior.

Wall Hung Closet Series ST-2000 WALL HUNG SERIES Item No. Code No. Part No. Description 1. 2102059 ST-2059-A Top Spud 1.1 to 1.6 gpf (4.2 to 6.0 Lpf) Universal Wall Hung Closet - Discontinued 1 & 3 4 & 5 2 2. 2102060 ST-2060-A HET Rear Spud 1.28 gpf (4.8 Lpf) Wall Hung Closet - Discontinued

Ensure the closet carrier support has been installed behind the finished wall correctly prior to starting the installation of the wall-hung toilet. The wall carrier supports the tank on the wall. Lay backup nuts on the bottom bolts and top-left hand bolt of the carrier system. Ensure the front face of the nuts are flush with, and the waste horn ...0GU198-1 Installation Guide / Instructions de montage / Guía de instalación Wall mounted toilet bowl / WC suspendu / Taza de inodoro montada en la pared Flow of installation (See these instructions regarding parts.) Procédure d'installation (Consultez ces instructions pour les pièces suivantes.) Instrucciones de instalación (Consulte las instrucciones relacionadas con las partes.)

Toilets, Installation systems, Urinals, Shower toilets, Bathroom accessories. Showering Shower trays, Shower mixers, Shower heads. Bathing Bathtubs, Bath mixers ... Toilet wall mounted, 254509 Item may differ from picture. Decorations and accessories are not included. ...The Geberit toilet Installation frame UP100 is an essential component of the wall-hung toilets in your modern bathroom space. The UP100 toilet frame is installed behind your wall, with all flushing mechanics hidden.

n Carefully inspect the new toilet for any damage. n If the In-wall tank is not installed, refer to the manufacturer's instructions before installation. ORDERING INFORMATION MODERN LIFE Wall-hung Toilet.....K-77142IN-S-* Includes MODERN LIFE Wall-hung Toilet Bowl.....K-77725IN-*

The bowl is mounted on the wall while the tank is concealed inside the bathroom wall. Wall-hung toilets look stylish than rear outlet toilets but are more expensive to install. Buying a wall hung toilet is not as expensive as it is to install it. You will need to erect a secondary wall to conceal the tank and also buy the frame. The frame which ...February 2013. Wall hung toilet. The first thing you have to do is pick the fixture. Then contact the manufacturers rep for the carrier. They will then be able to get you the correct mount through a wholesaler. The support is critical in a wall hung toilet, don't skimp. Manufactures: JR Smith, Zurn, Wade, etc.

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Integrated cistern All of the sanitary technology, including the cistern, dual flush and trap, is contained in an elegant, slimline module which can be combined with either a wall-hung or floor-standing WC ceramic appliance. Easy installation The Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module is easy to install, provided there is a mains connection ...
The wall-mounted, low consumption siphon jet flushing system toilet shall be 1.28GPF/4.8LPF when paired with a 1.28GPF flushometer valve and 1.6GPF/6.0LPF when paired with 1.6GPF/6.0LPF flushometer valve. Toilet shall have optional CeFiONtect ceramic glaze. Toilet can be mounted at ADA height. Toilet shall be elongated front bowl.

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Typical installation: The typical shower wall surround may be a 2x4 wood stud frame, covered with gypsum drywall, tile board or plaster. The shower wall finish is usually ceramic tile. These materials alone are not adequate to support the Flip Up Safety Rail grab bar unless you can mount into existing wood blocking or wall studs.