Bts reaction to their child being cute

BTS reaction to their s/o being scared for irrational reason. author's note: love you guys, here we go. Seokjin. Jungkook being himself decided to do a mask prank to you, his best friend. He was just supposed to run at you with a disturbing mask on and scare you… a little bit.

BTS - Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids. You were sitting at a restaurant, eating lunch with Jin when a couple with a baby sat at the table beside you. The baby kept making faces and waving at you so you did the same in return. Jin was quite amused seeing how excited you got over the baby trying to interact with you. Maknae line ♥ Hyung line. Request: "Hey love, can you do a BTS reaction of them being protective of their s/o at an awards show?" A/N: This is the second part! I posted the Hyung Line earlier today so be sure to check that out too! Thank you for the support! (Also, sorry these are so long?Bts reaction to being mistaken for an older brother: Anon requested: Hello! luv ur blog can u make a reaction they were taking a walk with their s/o when suddenly a kid runs up to them and attack hugs them thinking they're their older brother or smth xD A/N: Thank you so much, I am slowly working on the requests so here is yours all done I hope you like it.

BTS Reaction: Your Baby Bites His Finger When Teething. He bounced your daughter, bringing a smile to her face, watching as her finger wrapped tightly around Jin's finger, "she wants you Jin.". He stopped, as she brought his hand up, and began to chew against it, "Y/N, why is our child biting at my finger?".BTS reaction to their child surprising them on stage "Hey, i want to request a Monsta x and BTS ( if that ok )Reaction. Their are on World tour and their child surprise them at the last song. Your blog is amazing " A/N: I'll do monsta x at a later date ️ thank you for requesting, this is super cute!!bts reaction to you thinking you're annoying; BOLSHEVIK PARTY WAS NOT A COMMUNIST PART1; Was Che a Communist revolutionary -Bengali; Leninism is nothing but the corruption of science of communism; Leninism is nothing but the corruption of science of communism – Bengali; Health assembly resolution on Covid-19 and reation of ICWF

May 01, 2017 · BTS Reaction: they’re jealous of another member being their s/o’s best friend. Rap Monster. Rap Monster wouldn’t show that he was jealous and would let you hang out with your best friend, but when the two of you were alone he’d ask you if you really needed to hang out with him when he was there too. You would probably catch him staring ... BTS reaction when their s/o really want to cuddle and they're too shy to ask "Can you Please make a BTS reaction when their s/o really want to cuddle and they're too shy to ask but ... cute and sweet And you just wanted to cuddle with him all the time.. But you were too shy to admit it.. After being away for more than 3 months, Jimin ...

Your reaction to his black hair. Daily texts. Seokjin (Jin): You tell Seokjin you got a tattoo. Seokjin compares you to his ex. Accidental confession. Jimin: You tell Jimin you got a tattoo. Jimin being needy. Jungkook: You tell Jungkook you got a tattoo. Jungkook reveals himself to his online friend, who is an ARMY, and she reacts better than ...

The mature rating is used for any explicit sexual conduct being used in... ~Let me tell you a story~ — BTS Masterlist. ... - BTS Reaction to Their Best Friend Accidentally Confessing to Them; ... so cute i want that flannel pls its pretty color jungkook bts rude maknae i need queue and queue want me.lillyaesthetics asked: Could you do a reaction from bts when one of the members has a cute or sexy sister 😁😄 I did the reaction as they are going to introduce their sister to the other members. I hope you will like it <3ATEEZ Reaction To Going To Disneyland With Their S/O and She's Excited. Requested by @miryvv26 : Hi there!~ I was wondering if I could ask you for a ATEEZ reaction to being with their s/o on Disneyland and she is pretty excited. I really hope you can do it. Thanks in advance and also for reading me . P.S Love your work. Please keep doing this 梁

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bts reactions ️ Random. So this book is going to be BTS Reactions. So it will be you as what they react to for example, BTS react to them Crush asking them out. Which would be you. If you have any request please leave them in the comments and I hope you enjoy.
BTS Reaction || Their child having a crush on another member. A/N: I read a similar one so props to that user for having such a cute and amusing idea. I had to do one as well. Btw, the child is of yours and the member and the child is no older than 10. J-hope: He and his child would never keep secrets, besides the secret of how babies are made ...

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Can you please do a BTS reaction to their s/o being insecure about being overweight? ... When he wakes up, he apologizes for being grumpy and tells you about how cute you were all cuddled into him. Seungkwan : He was just playing games on his phone when he felt you grasp him and hold him close. He looks at you with awe and kisses your forehead.